3 Types of Sandbags

Hessian Sandbags | $21.99

If you’d rather go the green route, hessian sandbags are an excellent option.  Hessian is a biodegradable material that can be used for a little while longer because it will eventually break down even if it is protected from UV light, rot, and mildew.  They are also “wildlife friendly” because they are a natural material.

They are a tried-and-true flood defense product with a plethora of other applications, such as in the military, traffic control, and demolition.  They can also be used to build raised garden borders and lovely, organic-looking walls.15 kg of sand is usually placed inside of these.

  • TOUGHEST MATERIAL: We’ve made our woven polypropylene sandbags extremely durable. UV inhibitors are applied to all DURASACK Heavy Duty Sand Bags and tie strings to ensure their durability even after extended sun exposure.
  • ULTIMATE FLOOD AND STORM PROTECTION: DURASACK Sand Bags are designed to prevent flooding in your house and place of business. With a 50 lb capacity, these sandbags are lightweight, simple to fill, and useful as building blocks for emergency flood barriers or dams. You should always keep the DURASACK Sand Bag retail pack in your disaster and emergency preparedness kit.
  • MULTIPLE USES: DURASACK Heavy-Duty Sand & Utility Bags are ideal for a variety of tasks, such as landscaping, construction sites, storing dry materials, and anchoring canopies and umbrellas. You have complete control over when, where, and how you use these UV-treated utility bags thanks to the handy built-in tie strings.
  • VERIFIED QUALITY: Since its founding in 1876, DURASACK, a family-run business, has led the bag and packaging sectors. For nearly 150 years, customers have trusted us to deliver the best bags.
  • Practical quantity: Ten green, sand-filled, empty woven polypropylene bags. 14 x 26-inch dimensions and a 50-pound weight limit

UV Protected Woven Polypropylene Sandbags | $22.99

Heavy-duty plastic sandbags made of UV-stabilized woven polypropylene are treated to ward off ultraviolet light and extend their useful life in the sun. For more demanding temporary applications like defensive walls, prolonged flood protection, and weighting down traffic management signage, these woven sandbags are perfect.  Because this kind of heavy-duty sandbag is made to be reused multiple times, it may save money in the long run.

15 kg of sand is usually placed inside of these.

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: The reinforced polypropylene used to weave the white sandbags is tightly woven, making it strong, long-lasting, resistant to UV rays, and possessing exceptional strength and loading capacity. 44 lbs can be carried by each sandbag.
  • DOUBLE STITCHING: To strengthen the bottom of the empty sandbags, double stitching has been used. To stop sand or dirt from leaking, you can secure the filled sandbag in place with the help of the included rope. They are excellent choices for blocking or ballast applications.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: A roll of 65.6 feet of rope and 50 packed sandbags will be provided to fulfill your diverse requirements. Each sandbag measures 17.72 x 30.31 inches. The sandbags are easy to fill and use because of their 17.9-inch super-wide opening. These reasonably priced sandbags can provide an extra layer of protection for your belongings in the event of a hurricane or flood.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: These polypropylene sandbags are used extensively in construction projects, driveways, hurricane barriers, traffic management, erosion control, tent repairs, beach umbrella repairs, photography equipment, and other applications. Don’t pass up high-quality items!
  • 30-DAY RETURN SERVICE: We’ll respond to your inquiries about products and post-purchase issues in a day or two. You will receive a complete refund if, for any reason, you are not happy with the heavy-duty sandbags. We offer a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bulk Sandbags | $

Large-scale bulk sandbags—also referred to as builders’ bags, dumpy bags, or big bags—that are packed with sand can be used to build a structure akin to a dam to keep water from spilling out of overflowing streams and rivers and to redirect it away from roads and private property.

  • Contents of the package: 100 pieces of easily fillable, dark green PE-woven sandbags with 100 pieces of nylon cable ties are included; The adequate quantity will satisfy your needs.
  • Reliable material: The outdoor sandbag filler bags and fasten ties are composed of durable, waterproof, and tear-resistant materials that can support up to 50 pounds of sand. This means you can fill the bag to capacity without having to worry about it breaking or leaking, making it ideal for flood prevention and other uses.
  • One hundred Pieces of cable ties: the product includes one hundred white cable ties, which are useful for securing sandbags in case of flooding. Additionally, they can be used on power cords, water pipes, garden hoses, pool hoses, bundle extension cords, and more.
  • Many uses: these dark green sandbags can be used to manage flooding, regulate traffic, create makeshift barriers for building projects, etc. They are long-lasting, lightweight, small, and convenient to store.
  • Flood protection: Because these empty sandbags are difficult to rip or slide through, water won’t seep through their gaps and into the area that needs to be protected while they’re in use, preventing flooding.

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